Why are oral cancer screenings important? 

Oral cancer is one of several cancers that can be visually spotted, diagnosed, and treated in the earliest stages. A mouth tumor or growth on the soft tissue of the smile, including the gums, may be indicative that cancerous cells are present. With early detection during an oral cancer examination at Respond Dental, our dentists of North York, Ontario, can report a positive outcome for many individuals. An oral cancer screening is performed at every dental visit. The dentist will check the mouth’s soft tissues to look for unusual growths, sores, or tumors that appear suspicious and unusual. If found, a small sample called a biopsy is removed and sent to a laboratory for further evaluation. The team that evaluates the sample will look for cancer cells to provide a definitive diagnosis. 

Why are oral cancer screenings important? 

As with many dental problems, detecting disease and other concerns at their earliest stages is crucial to increase the likelihood of curing the issue and improving the smile. Oral cancer can be successfully treated if caught when it is first noticeable, allowing patients to maintain their overall health and avoid problems related to the spreading or enlarging of oral cancer. 

What can be done about oral cancer? 

If you have been diagnosed with oral cancer by your dentist or another medical professional, it is vital to act as soon as possible to keep cancer from spreading. For many patients, simple excision to remove the growth can remove cancer, while other patients might need further treatments from an oncologist such as radiation or chemotherapy. The treatment recommendation will often be in line with the severity and spread of cancer at the time of diagnosis. 

Where can I go for oral cancer screenings? 

Drs. Roodsar, Gholizadeh, and Rezaei of Respond Dental in North York, Ontario, provide oral cancer screenings along with general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care for the entire family. If you reside in the community and are considering working with a family-friendly practice in the area, call (416) 318-7465 to request an appointment at 45 Sheppard Avenue East, Ste. #108. We accept new and returning patients and families.