The best way to whiten the smile with professional assistance

A bright smile exudes confidence and positive self-esteem, but not everyone has naturally brilliant and white teeth. To obtain this, some patients in North York, Ontario, will reach out to a professional to learn about in-office and take-home whitening options. Our team recommends using professional-grade services and products to ensure a safe and effective way to add brilliance to the smile.

Why choose professional whitening?

While there is a wide range of over-the-counter whitening products, including trays, whitening toothpaste, and pens, many fail to give the dramatic results patients want. Brightening a dull and discolored smile requires the help of a dentist to achieve brilliance and beauty! Our team offers both in-office and take-home whitening kits that ensure the lifting of deep stains for a beautiful, finished product!

Who is a good candidate for professional teeth whitening?

Patients seriously considering the whitening need to book a consultation visit with the team at Respond Dental to determine if they are a good fit. Individuals who have restorations such as dental crowns, dental bridges, and porcelain veneers may not find professional teeth whitening suitable for them. That is because their restorations are created to match their natural tooth color. Whitening products used at a dental office do not recolor porcelain restorations, which means that the newly whitened smile can make the restorations look out of place and darker than the rest of the teeth. Unless patients want to whiten their teeth and maintain the results for years, they can ask about replacing these restorations to match their brighter smiles. There is added cost, which makes this prohibitive for many.

Discuss professional teeth whitening with our team

At Respond Dental, we provide one of the best ways to whiten teeth with the help of our experienced providers and high-quality bleaching solutions. If you are interested in brightening your smile with in-office whitening or bleaching at home, we welcome you to book an appointment with Drs. Reza Roodsar, Azam Gholizadeh, and Ali Rezaei. Call (416) 318-7465 today and speak to our team at 45 Sheppard Avenue E Unit #108.